Beware … revoking your driver’s license for a period of 3 months in this case


The Ministry of Interior aims, during the coming period, to facilitate the citizens in the framework of implementing the principles of the security strategy, which is among its priorities to facilitate the citizens and raise the efficiency of the security services provided to them, through the installation of the electronic poster, which is an important step to implement an integrated electronic traffic system.

Two days ago, on the 30th of last March, the deadline granted by the Ministry of Interior for motorists to install the electronic traffic sticker expired. However, violators of the decisions of the Ministry of Interior will be subject to the penalties stipulated in the new traffic law.

Through this report, “Echo of the Country” reviews the value of the electronic poster fees and the penalties for violators of the new traffic law:

Electronic label

The law stipulates the development and installation of an electronic traffic sticker that is permanently usable and disbursed to the vehicle, including an identification with it, and the licensee pays a fee of no less than seventy-five pounds per year and a maximum of 300, according to the technical changes and additions that will be added to it, it must be paid in cash or in any way. Another electronic medium.

Exempt from this is the vehicles of the Ministries of Defense, Military Production and the Interior, and other vehicles specified by the Minister of the Interior by decision, in order to fulfill the requirements of national security.

The executive regulations shall determine the specifications, the validity period, the place of affixing the aforementioned poster, and the method of paying the fee.

Penalties for violators

He shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine of not less than three hundred pounds and not exceeding one thousand five hundred pounds, or either of these two penalties if the traffic poster is not placed or installed.

The driving license is withdrawn for a period of not less than one month and not more than three months now Not to place or install the electronic traffic sticker that expires the vehicle, or destroy it, hide it, or transfer it to another vehicle, or tamper with it in a way that makes it lose its validity.

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The parliament was headed by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali Agreed Finally, by a two-thirds majority, the draft law submitted by the government amending some provisions of the Traffic Law promulgated by Law No. 66 of 1973.

The report of the National Defense and Security Committee stated that the draft law was aimed at achieving the goals and development and maximizing the capabilities and capabilities that achieve control over the Egyptian street.

The committee added in its report submitted to the council that the draft law came to provide funds for the establishment and development of the electronic system and smart transportation.

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