Boil in Portland, USA .. Riots and talk about “Antifa”


وذكرت Portland Police Thousands of protesters organized an unauthorized march late on Friday, starting from a park in the city, smashing windows and looting companies and institutions, including a church, in addition to setting multiple fires.

The Associated Press reported that new riots broke out in the city in protest at the killing of a man by police bullets, as well as within the framework of the vigils that had been planned in advance in memory of the people killed by police bullets, including Adam Toledo, 13, from Chicago, and the young man. Of the dark-skinned Donty Wright.

The police indicated that they had arrested 4 people for their “criminal behavior,” confirming that they used chili pepper spray during the dispersal of the demonstration.

The American “CNN” network quoted the Family Protection Office as saying that individuals were seen participating in “criminal activity” and smashing windows. American media also spoke about the “Antifa” movement and its role in stirring up riots in the city.

The office stated that “participants in the riots were seen trying to rob the companies,” while the police said that a “hostile mob” was besieging them at one time.

Police said Portland Fire and Rescue had been called in to extinguish at least two fires that were set on fire in a number of shops, most notably the Apple Store and other stores.

Statement to Portland Police

He stated office Portland Police In a press release, the suspect, who was described only as a white man, was killed Friday morning by an officer’s fire in response to a report that a man was aiming a rifle in the garden.

Close US PoliceSaturday, the officer who shot the suspect, Zachary DeLong, an 8-year veteran of the force.

Police said DeLong would be granted administrative leave with pay until the police and the Multnomah County Public Prosecutor’s office completed the investigation.

For his part, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler issued a statement, Friday, urging everyone to “move forward with compassion and peace.”

“These shootings are always painful for everyone who participated in them and for our society, regardless of the circumstances,” Wheeler said. “I want to offer my sympathy to the individuals involved and their families. My thoughts are also with the officers who participated.”

Mentioned that Portland Over the past year, there have been widespread protests by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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