Britain … Corona injuries decreased by 60% amid vaccination and closure


Indeed, a program has begun Britain Against an epidemic Covid-19 In breaking the link between infection and serious illness or death, according to the latest findings from an ongoing pandemic study England.

And researchers at the Royal College of London found that Covid-19 infections fell by 60 percent in March, while national lockdown measures slowed the spread of infection.

And people of the age of 65 years or older were the least likely to be infected as they were the largest beneficiaries of the vaccination program, which initially focused on Elderly.

The study also found that the relationship between injuries and deaths is changing, “indicating that injuries may have resulted in fewer transfers to hospitals and deaths since the start of vaccination on a large scale,” according to the Associated Press.

The positive news came amid renewed criticism of vaccinations, after reviewing guidelines British government Wednesday that people under the age of 30 years will be offered an alternative vaccine to the vaccine AstraZeneca Wherever it is available.
The change came after studies that concluded that the vaccine may be linked to very rare blood clots.

وقال British Minister of Health Matt Hancock told Sky News that the authorities ’caution and time to make sure the deployment of vaccines is as safe as possible should reassure people.

He added, “What we learned during the past 24 hours is that the vaccine deployment is successful. We have seen that the safety system is effective, because the regulators can even notice this extremely rare event, 4 per million, and take the necessary action to ensure the safety of spreading the vaccines as much as possible.”

He emphasized that spreading vaccines is effective, and breaks the link between injuries and deaths.

About 31.7 million people had received the first dose by Tuesday, or more than 60 percent of the adult population.

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