Bwalya is close to leading Al-Ahly’s attack against Simba in this case


Al-Ahly striker Walter Bwalya is close to returning to lead his team’s attack against Simba, Tanzania, in the match that brings them together tomorrow, Friday, in the final round of the group stage of the African Champions League, after he moved away from participating since the main appearance in the Vita Club match in the third round of the African group stage, which ended in a draw. Positive 2/2.

And hinges Bwalias post position In Simbas match, the medical examination that the player will undergo today after suffering a severe bruise in the foot during the training of the red team yesterday, and accordingly, his participation is mainly determined if the examination confirms the safety of the player or his departure from the technical accounts if the examination proves his complaint of an injury that prevents him from participating in the match.

AndKeen Pitso Mosimane The coach of Al-Ahly decided to hold a session with Bwalia in order to psychologically qualify him to participate in this match in order to take advantage of the opportunity to express himself, and assured him that the match was without pressure after Al-Ahly resolved his rise to the group stage for second place, which relieves him of the nervous pressure that Prevents him from shining with the red team.

وطالب Mosimane The player takes advantage of the opportunity that Simbas match is a achievement in presenting the usual ball to him and does not pay attention to the criticism he faces due to not registering with Al-Ahly or wasting easy opportunities in front of the goal, and not to think too much when making the decision to score the ball, assuring him that the chance of the Simba match is not repeated often And he has to exploit it.

Bwalya was out of Musimani’s accounts in the Vita Club and Al Merrikh Al-Sudani matches in Africa and Al-Ismaily in the league due to wasting easy opportunities in the Vita Club match at Cairo Stadium and not taking advantage of the opportunities the player got in the last period.

Musimani intends to make some changes in the basic formation of Al-Ahly against Simba tomorrow, taking advantage of the match as a result of giving the substitute players the opportunity and preparing them for the next stage, as well as resting some of the main players, especially since his team is about to face difficult confrontations both in the league, the most important of which are the two league summits against Zamalek, then Two matches in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, which have not yet been decided until the African Champions League draw is held.


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