Canadian doctors are in deep confusion … a brain disease that causes hallucinations and death


The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that experts urged people not to panic, noting that “the questions are much more than the answers currently available.”

The newspaper pointed out that doctors in the province New Brunswick Al-Kindi diagnosed about 43 suspected cases of neurological diseases “the causes of which are unknown.”

County residents first learned of this news last week, after a leaked memo from the County Public Health Agency asked doctors to be aware of symptoms similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Cerebral disease Rare and deadly, caused by distorted proteins, known as “prions”.

“We are currently cooperating with a different group of experts … However, a clear cause for these cases has not yet been identified,” the leaked note stated.

A team of researchers, including federal scientists, is working to determine whether they are dealing with a previously unknown neurological syndrome, or an unrelated but previously known disease.

Researchers say that The patients They initially complained of “unexplained pain, cramps, and behavioral changes, all of the symptoms that could be easily diagnosed as anxiety or depression.”

“But over the course of 18 to 36 months, they started to suffer from Cognitive decline Muscle atrophy, drooling and twitching of teeth. A number of patients also began to suffer from HallucinationsIncluding the feeling of insects crawling on their body. “

Only one suspected case was recorded in 2015, 11 in 2019 and 24 in 2020. Researchers believe that 5 people have died from the disease.

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