Carteron: Qualification is not in our hands … and Mouloudia has a better chance


The French coach, Patrice Carteron, Zamalek, expressed his happiness by defeating MCA in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

Zamalek won a deserved double clean victory over MCA, to raise its score to 5 points and revive its hopes of qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finals.

“I am very proud of the players’ performance in today’s match, and we had two weeks to prepare, and the coaching staff focused on the technical, psychological and physical aspects before the match,” said Carteron, at the post-match press conference.

He added: “Zamalek won in a difficult match and his spirit was higher in the match than the Algerian team. I know that the opportunity for Zamalek to rise is not in our hands, but we will play to win in the last match and we are waiting to meet Esperance and Mouloudia.”

And he continued: “If Zamalek does not rise in the event of victory in the next match, the performance will help the team in the league, and Mouloudia has a better chance to climb because Zamalek before today’s match had only two points before achieving victory.”

He continued: “Stopping Mouloudia striker Sami Frio made the task of Zamalek easy in today’s match. This striker is dangerous and he could score goals.”

Zamalek’s coach refused to comment on the performance of Mouloudias team, stressing that all that matters to his team’s performance.

Carteron indicated that he was planning to win the two matches against Mouloudia and Toungit, and he succeeded in winning the first, leaving him to meet the Senegalese champion, indicating that the result of the Esperance and Mouloudia meeting could serve his team.

At the end of his statements, the French coach confirmed that Algerian football has developed in the recent period, and the level of players has improved, and the matches he plays have become strong against Algerian clubs.


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