Ceramica asks to buy Ahmed Yasser Rayan from Al-Ahly


Ceramica officials held a session with Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the star of the loaned team from Al-Ahly, to demand that he stay and not return to the Red Genie in the new season, after the good level that the player appeared during the last period.

Ceramica officials decided to address their counterparts in Al-Ahly to finally buy the player and sign a new contract, but the Red Club asked them to slow down. Until you know a point of view South African coach Pitso Musimani, coach of the red team In the survival or departure of the player.

Ceramica officials are doing their best in the current period in order to convince Ahmed Yasser Rayan to stay with them in the new season, and they demanded that he continue to focus and not be preoccupied with the file of returning to the Red Castle so that he continues to score goals.

In a related context, a source in the soccer system of the Ceramica Club revealed that the player demanded that his team be patient until the end of the season and to know his fate from the outside offers he had received, or even a decision was made on his matter by the Al-Ahly club management.

The current season saw Ahmed Yasser Rayan participate with his team, Ceramica, in 13 league and cup matches, in addition to his participation with Ahly Before loaning in two matches in the local championship, the same in the Champions League, and a match in the Egypt Cup, his score of goals reached 8.

ويد Ahmed Yasser Rayan One of the talents awaiting a promising future in Egyptian football, Ahmed Rayan was born on the twenty-fourth of January 1998, and he joined the beginners of the Red Castle and belongs to a football family that loves the red team, his father is the former star Yasser Rayan, the left back of the retired Al-Ahly club, from whom the young striker learned Love entity red.

Despite his young age, he is good at shooting on the goal, and he is also proficient in moving without a ball, positioning inside the penalty area, and head strikes, and he began to take a chance in the first team of Al-Ahly in the 2017-2018 season, in which Al-Ahly club won the league title, but the pressure of competition did not allow him to obtain Get the full chance with the red team.


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