Ceramica Cleopatra thanks Haitham Shaban


The management of the Ceramica Cleopatra Club decided to thank Haitham Shaban, the technical director of the team, and his auxiliary apparatus, for the period he spent with the club.

Ceramica Cleopatra bid farewell to the Egyptian Cup after losing yesterday to Egypt to clear two goals to a goal despite the squandering of many opportunities by the team’s players.

The text of the Ceramica statement is as follows:

The management of the Ceramica Cleopatra Club headed by Deputy Muhammad Abu Al-Enein, and the General Supervisor of the ball, Tariq Abu Al-Enein, would like to thank Captain Haitham Shaban and his auxiliary apparatus for the period he spent as the club’s technical director, stressing the great role he played with the football team, whether In the successful journey of challenge, in order to rise to the Premier League, in which he led the team with ability and competence, no one denies it, after he took upon himself to fulfill a dream that the management had planned for years, and placed its confidence in it, believing in his ability as a promising young coach to achieve this dream, which Turned into reality, or during the first round of the Premier League competition this season, in a way that placed Ceramica Cleopatra at the forefront of the clubs that everyone appreciates..

While the administration of the Ceramica Cleopatra Club extends its thanks to Captain Haitham Shaban, it wishes him and his assisting apparatus of success, success and payment in a new training experience during the coming period.


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