Ceramica: Include Ryan Ahmed? Any current negotiations will not bear fruit


Moataz Al-Battawi, general supervisor of football at Ceramica Cleopatra Club, confirmed that any current negotiations with Al-Ahly club to include Ahmed Yasser Rayan will not bear fruit, adding that the current timing is not appropriate and that may take place at the end of the season.

Ahmed Yasser Rayan joined the ranks of Ceramica Cleopatra during the winter transfer period, coming from Al-Ahly on loan.

During radio statements for “Stadium 9090” broadcast on “Radio 9090”, Al-Battawi said: “We did not discuss Al-Ahly to include Ahmed Yasser Rayan, certainly it will be a strong addition to us in the event that he joins permanently.”

He added, “He joined the national team through his presence with us. He has performed well and distinguished himself with the team since joining.”

He continued: “Currently, we focus on league matches. The player himself focuses on proving his worth and capabilities. Al-Ahly is also busy with his African matches, that is, talking now about any negotiations that will not bear fruit.”

He continued: “If there is room at the end of the season to discuss his joining, we will certainly welcome that.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s interest in joining Shady Hussein, he said: “There has been no official conversation, what is being raised is just the words of Social Media.”


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