Chelsea player: I love Egypt, an outstanding good and a magical achievement


Danny Drinkwater, the Chelsea player loaned to Qasim Pasha, said that he fell in love with Egypt due to a previous visit to it, saying that Mohamed Salah is a distinguished player, and Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet” has his weight on the field.

Drinkwater said in his statements to “Sada Al Balad” satellite channel about playing with Riyad Mahrez in Leicester City: “Sometimes there was frustration, but when you were giving Riyad Mahrez the ball, the magic happened immediately, so when I was playing with him on the team I used to give him the ball and he did everything.” Thing”.

And he talked about Egypt, saying: “I have visited Egypt before, and I love Egypt and its people, and the weather was very wonderful, and the first time I tried diving under the water was in Egypt and the water there was very beautiful, and I would definitely like to go back to Egypt one day.”

As for playing from Trezeguet in Asto Villa, he said: “Trezeguet is a wonderful person, and I like to deal with him. What I like about him is that he is a distinguished person and presses himself to be better. He is a wise person, and inside the stadium he is talented and has weight.”

He concluded by expressing his opinion on Salah: “Salah is a very distinguished player, and I realize that the whole world is aware of his skills and abilities. He is a very distinguished player, possesses great speed, and he is one of the late names from Chelsea and was able to impressively prove his abilities and talent to everyone.”

On the comparison between Riyad Mahrez and Mohamed Salah: “My response will not like you, but the truth of Salah is very distinguished, but I will choose Riyad Mahrez because I played with him.”


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