Chinese four-legged robots move in unison and raise fears


Chinese experts have designed dog-like robots supported by artificial intelligence called Aliengo, which provides them with depth perception, performance, and an advanced level of protection, among other features.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this group appearance of robots came from the China-based Unity Robotics Company, which shows a flock of four-legged machines moving in unison.

Dozens of robots are shown sitting on the ground, but then rise to a squat position, bend forward and return to their original position, all at the same time.

Unitree launched the innovation for the first time at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which weighs about 26 pounds and features a battery that runs on it for up to two hours, and can walk about 10 feet per second or seven miles in one hour.

Although the appearance is similar to well-known Boston Dynamics robots, seeing the dozens in motion as if orders were given has sparked fear among Twitter users.

One user feared that China was trying to recruit this technology in order to invade other countries, while another said that the scene resembles an episode of the Black Mirror series “Metalhead” that was released in 2017, and the show saw humans escape from deadly robotic dogs after the collapse of humanity.

The robot is capable of carrying up to 11 pounds of payload, making it suitable for factories and other labor positions.


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