CNN: The British Royal Family is experiencing a new phase after the death of Prince Philip


CNN said that the British royal family, which has faced some crises recently, will witness a new phase after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

For the first time in 72 years, the Queen is without her companion, the counselor who was most trusted and who has remained by her side from the start. The queen usually used her husband for professional advice and almost always took his advice. All the scenes take leadership in many aspects of family life. Now the family is seeing a new way forward after seeing the Queen’s wealthy husband.

And the network continued, saying that what we are witnessing now is a monarchy that adapts and develops at the moment, as this is a difficult period for the United Kingdom, which is not strongly united now, frankly. There are calls for independence in Scotland and violent turmoil that has erupted in parts of Northern Ireland in recent weeks, while England faces some sort of identity crisis after Brexit.

The queen will surely continue to do her job as she has always done, in light of her duties and service. The monarchy will be identified as a symbol of unity and continuity, but we also see senior members of the royal family rallying around it in the absence of Philip.

And this is what appeared during the past week, as a sign of some division in the relations that entered the family, its children and grandchildren came together to share intelligence about Dove Edinburgh and his work.

Due to the Queen’s extended rule, Prince Charles, who is 72, is longer than heir to the throne, a title he held since he was three years old after Queen Elizabeth assumed the throne. His position as heir was not more important than now, as he assumed the role of the Queen’s best friend, and he truly is a king in waiting. He will help manage situations as he and his eldest son Prince William did when Harry and Megan stepped down from their royal duties.


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