“Come and take your daughter who was killed by salvation” … a husband imprisoned who hanged his wife for refusing to give him money to buy drugs


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On Sunday, the South Giza Accidents Prosecutor ordered the imprisonment of the accused for killing his wife by hanging on the gas “pipe” in front of their apartment in the Kafr Tohormos area in Bulaq Dakrour, 4 days pending investigations.

According to the investigations under the supervision of Counselor Yahya Al-Zaraa, the Attorney General, the victim refused to give her husband a thousand pounds to buy drugs, which her father had given to her on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, and to spend on herself and her two daughters.

The prosecution had moved to the place of the incident and looked at the victim’s body, and it turned out that it was hanging from the natural gas “pipe” in front of the apartment.

The investigations stated that the accused committed his crime after a verbal altercation with his wife, and after the victim was killed, he called her family, saying, “Come take your daughter … I killed her.”

The accused had fled, and the victim’s family informed the police, who managed to arrest the husband, so that he recognized his crime.

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