Composer, “Those who have tired us for years with his passion” .. Shaker Al-Moji dies after a struggle with illness


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Composer Shaker Al-Moji died late on Saturday evening, after a major struggle with illness.

And the lyric poet Fawzi Ibrahim announced the death of Al-Muji, through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, and wrote: “The composer, Shaker Al-Mogi, may God protect him.”

The late composer, whose real name is Shakir Shisha` Abd al-Rasool, chose the name Shaker Al-Moji after his uncle, the late musician, Muhammad Al-Muji.

The late graduated from the Faculty of Music Education in Zamalek, and he was ranked first in the batch and was from the same class in the college, the artist Hani Shaker, then worked as a lecturer in the college, and in that period he started as a singer with the Gates band, and composed the song “I play Shish Beach” by Ahmed Adawiya, then he traveled on a mission In France, he decided to try his luck by singing in Europe, where the late musician Hassan Abu Al-Saud helped him in this step. And “You love me, oh no” by George Wassouf, then Walid Tawfiq sang to him the melodies of his movie “Goodbye to Singlehood”, just as Mayada Al-Hinnawi sang to him “Present the Spirit”.

Composer Shaker Al-Mogi in the protection of God

Published byFawzy Ibrahim |In Saturday, April 3, 2021

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