Confessions of the killer of the child “Rimas” in Dakahlia: “I knew he raped her and he left


1:28 PM

Wednesday 07 April 2021

Dakahlia – Rami Mahmoud:

The accused of killing the child Rimas in the city of Dikirnis made detailed confessions about the incident, confirming that he killed her after failing to rape her.

The accused said in the investigations that he saw the victim while buying bread from a place near his home, so he lured her into allegedly buying some sweets for her, and tried to assault her, but she resisted and tried to scream and seek help, so he directed her several blows and stabs that killed her.

The accused continued that, as soon as he committed the crime, he transferred the body from his apartment to the staircase of the property where he lived, and was guided by the belongings of the child and the white weapon used in the crime, which he hid in his home.

The security services in Dakahlia had received a notification that the body of a child was found dead in Bir Salm in the city of Dikirnis, and it was found that Haddad was behind the commission of the crime, and by referring him to the prosecution office, it decided to imprison him pending investigations.

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