Conflict in Tigray: Eritrea acknowledges the participation of its forces in the fighting in Ethiopian territory


Ethiopian troops in Mekele, capital of the Tigray region

Photo released, Anadolu Agency

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Ethiopian forces deployed in Mekele, capital of Tigray province, after tightening control

Eritrea admitted for the first time the participation of its forces in the ongoing war in northern Ethiopia, months after it was denied involvement.

“The soldiers will now be withdrawn from the Tigray region. They were deployed there to support the military operation by the Ethiopian army against the former ruling party in the Tigray region, known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front,” said Eritreas ambassador to the United Nations, Sofia Tesfa Mariam.

The ambassador denied the accusations against the Eritrean forces of carrying out mass killings and rape, describing them as heinous accusations.

This recognition on the part of Eritrea comes at a time of mounting international pressure on it to withdraw its forces from the Tigray region.

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