Contractors: We hope to see Mohamed Salah in a new station and 4% resale


Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathy, member of the Arab Contractors Board of Directors and supervisor of the football sector, revealed the percentage of Arab contractors benefiting from the resale of the Pharaohs’ Ferrari Mohamed Salah, the English star of Liverpool, and Adel said in statements to “The Seventh Day”, Mohamed Salah has a very professional mentality and his decisions always come His study and ambition have no limits, and this is what we have sensed in his personality since his presence in the contractors.

The contractor member added, “The final decision to leave Liverpool or to stay is up to us.” To Mohamed Salah Certainly, he is the most worthy of identifying the best for him, but we hope to see him in a new stage and a new ambition in the Spanish League after he has achieved his goals in the English Premier League.

Mohamed Adel indicated that 4% is the percentage of Arab Contractors benefiting from the sale of Mohamed Salah to any club in Europe, and this clause was placed upon its sale to the Basel team as a sponsorship right for the Contractors Club.

The Arab Contractors team, led by Imad Al-Nahhas, Technical Director of the Mountain Wolves, will travel today, Sunday, to Alexandria to spend the night in one of its hotels in preparation for the Federation’s meeting tomorrow, Monday, at Alexandria Stadium in the 17th round of the General League competition..

وعمل Technical device of mountain wolves Under the leadership of Imad Al-Nahhas, the team’s coach, to correct the mistakes that occurred in the past period, which caused the team 9 defeats, to fall to the 13th place in the general league table.

And occupies The Arab Contractors is the 13th place In the general league table with 15 points, the wolves of the mountain won after 16 games, where they won 4 matches and drew 3 more, and were defeated in 9 matches, and Al-Mokawloon players scored 15 goals and their nets conceded 21 other goals.


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