Coordination of black and white check clothes for veiled women


The karoh trend has become very popular recently, which is why many girls and fashion bloggers have adopted it in their various daily looks.
And the methods of coordinating karate clothes differ according to the different color of the checkered clothes.
In this album, “” provides you with methods of coordinating black and white clothes, inspired by fashion blogs:

Coordination of the hated coat, inspired by the loyalist visions

Visions of the pro in a Karuh coat
Visions of the Mawali in a Karuh coat – photo from her Instagram account

Curated Fashion Blog Visions of the pro The black and white check coat in a luxurious and elegant way, as she adopted a karoo coat with a long brown dress.
Al-Mawali’s visions coordinated this look, a black Turban, with short-necked boots and black front straps, in addition to a handbag from Skin the black.

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Designed by Dalal Al-Doub, the Karoo Fest

Casual look from Dalal Al-Doub in a Fest Karuh
Casual look from Dalal Al-Doub – photo from her Instagram account

In a chic spring look, she curated the Kuwaiti fashion blog Dalal Al-Doub Black and white check dress, light blue shirt, and black wide pants.
With this look, Dalal Al-Doub adopted black high-necked boots and a black and white shoulder bag from the brand. BurberryIn addition to a white scarf.

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Designing the Karo shirt, inspired by Menna Al-Sunni

How to coordinate a short pullover with a Karwa shirt and the Sunni Menna neighborhood - Photo 3
The short pullover with a check shirt from Menna Al-Sunni – photo from her Instagram account

For a casual look, suitable for quick daytime outings, the Egyptian fashion blog curated Menna Al-SunniBlack and white check shirt and red short oversize pullover.
Menna Al-Sunni adopted with this look, narrow black trousers, with a turban in the same color as the trousers, in addition to white sneakers and a black shoulder bag.

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Curated cardigan coordination inspired by Wafa Ezz El-Din

Wafa Ezz El-Din Cardigan is a long Karuh
Wafa Ezzedine Bikardijan Karwa Tawil – photo from her Instagram account

Cardigan is indispensable in Daily looks Especially during the fall and spring seasons, due to its elegance and ability to coordinate with various pieces of clothing.
And if you are looking for an elegant look with a black and white checkered cardigan, you can take inspiration from the Egyptian fashion blog Wafa Ezz El-Din, where she coordinated a white and black cardigan with wide black trousers, a short black vest, in addition to a long white shirt and a white scarf. .
With this look, Wafa Ezz El-Din adopted a black shoulder bag, along with black and white sports shoes.

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