Corona and a prison sentence of 22 years … What happened in Fadel Shaker’s life?


10:00 AM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

Hours before the singer Fadl Shaker celebrated his fifty-second birthday, his son Muhammad Fadl Shaker announced that his father had recovered from his infection with the new Corona virus.

Fadl who has been called the “King of Romance”; Last November, on his Instagram page, he conducted a direct dialogue with his fans, in his first appearance after the Lebanese Military Court issued in December 2020, sentences in absentia against him with 22 years imprisonment with hard labor, and stripping him of his civil rights on the charge of “interfering in acts of terrorism.” Against the background of his support for militant Islamist groups that took part in battles against the Lebanese army.

Fadl tried not to comment on the issue, and with the urging of the audience, he said: “It was supposed to be seen by the public for a long time, but there were people in Lebanon who did not want me to appear, but with time I came up and said their names from my country, and I wished that they would see if anything against me, I mean. They installed files and charges for me, and God is my grace and yes, the agent, and I want to tell them what I did. “

He added, “People who do not want me to show hatred in their heart for me beyond hatred, and I do not know how a person can sleep while he is unjust, and they did not leave a charge without accusing me of it.”

In response to a question about his whereabouts, Fadl said: “I am in Lebanon in the Ain El-Helweh camp, and anyone who likes to visit me in the camp comes at any time.”

Commenting on the attack by some of the stars of the Lebanese song, he said: “There are people who look, reflect and talk, meaning you do not give my opinion an end.”

Fadl Shaker, in his speech, indirectly mocked the song of the artist, Asala, “Noktat Bayha”. He said in his comment on the songs presented: “He tells you one time, one love that is loved, medicine, one love, another that is loved, a third love that is loved, I performed it with a zombie, I am surprised at the words of strange songs.”

And the words of Asala’s song, “A Bikha Joke,” read: “One time, one love.

Fadl Shaker, after returning to sing, collaborated with poets, composers, and distributors from Egypt, including Muhammad Rifai, Walid Saad, Ali Abaza and Husam Saeed.

During the broadcast, he talked about Egypt, and said: “Egypt has missed me … Oh God, for its atmosphere.”

Fadel Shaker was born on April 1, 1969, and began his artistic career at the age of 15 in small parties and weddings, and in 1998 he contracted with Al-Khoys Production Company for ten years and got acquainted with composer Salah Al-Sharnoubi, who helped him release his first album “And God Zaman”, which included 8 Songs.

In the following year, he released his second album, “Bayaa Al Quloub”, which achieved great success and filmed it with the song “Your Love”, and in 2000 he released his third album “Old Love”, and in the same year he released the album “Sohair Tarab” with Master Melody Company, before releasing his fourth album. “Hobak Khayal” in 2001 with ten songs.

With the Rotana company, he released the albums “Layali Beirut, a Hour of Tarab with Fadel Shaker, Sidi Rouhi” in 2003, and in 2005 he released the album “Saharni Al-Shouq”, and the following year his album “God Knows.” “.

In addition to his albums, he also released several single songs, including: “Dunya Laughter, Mawkil, Were It Not for Your Love.” He sang among her people and her family, and that he has been married to a Palestinian woman, who is Mrs. Nadia, since the age of twenty years, and they have three children: “Elhan”, born in 1990, the artist Muhammad Fadl Shaker, born in 1994, and “Rana”, born in 2002.


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