Corona today: a fourth wave warning … and this vaccine reduces the risk of infection


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Monday 05 April 2021

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We all look forward to seeing what happens every minute, given the tremendous development that Covid-19 has made in our lives.

“Masrawy” provides a daily service to display everything you want to know about the developments of the emerging corona virus, first-hand, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and drugs in brief.

The vaccine may become mandatory

Many residents around the world are currently receiving the Coronavirus vaccine, but the dose is optional in light of some fear of the side effects of vaccination, but will the Covid-19 vaccine become mandatory? .. This is what thelist reviews.

According to Dr. Arthur Kaplan of the New York University School of Medicine, there may be a mandatory vaccine in the future with the outbreak of Covid-19, as a way to try to limit the spread of the deadly virus and stop the bleeding of injuries and deaths.

Fourth wave warning

Michael Osterholm, director of the study of infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota, considered that the United States is currently witnessing the fourth wave of the Corona virus pandemic due to the outbreak of new mutations.

In statements to the American “Fox News” TV channel, the expert indicated that the talk is going on, especially about the British surge of the virus, adding that “there is good news as well, that modern vaccines are effective against this type of Corona virus,” according to Russia Today.

This vaccine is able to reduce the risk of infection with corona between 50 and 60%

The director of the Russian “Gamalia” National Center for Migratory Biology, Alexander Ginsburg, announced that the Russian “Sputnik Light” vaccine against Corona reduces the risk of infection with the virus by between 50 and 60%.

Speaking to “Russia-1” channel, today, Sunday, he said: “If we use the (Sputnik Lite) vaccine that includes the first component of the (Sputnik V) vaccine without receiving the second dose, this allows reducing the risk of infection with Corona virus by between 50 and 60% According to Russia Today.

Does “Corona” turn into a seasonal disease?

Doctors fear that the Corona virus will turn into a seasonal disease like influenza, which means the need for a new vaccine every year to confront strains that mutate rapidly, and given the possibility of vaccine immunity waning, according to Sky News.

It raises doubts that a study published in the “New England” Journal of Medicine monitored a decrease in the antibodies produced by the Moderna vaccine over time, as the vaccine led to the production of immune cells known as “T cells” and “B cells” that can form defenses that last for years. .

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