Coronas effect on mental and psychological health … one of three survivors develops these symptoms


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A new study revealed that one out of every three people who survived severe infection with symptoms of the Corona epidemic, it was found that, according to subsequent examinations, they continued to suffer from neurological and psychological conditions six months after infection.

The British study, which is considered the largest of its kind, confirmed that 34% of the survivors had psychological and neurological conditions six months after the injury, as the study used electronic health records for 236,379 patients, most of them from the United States of America, of whom 34% of them were found to have mental and neurological conditions.

The study, published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal of Psychiatry, which was reviewed by the British Guardian newspaper today, Wednesday, indicated that anxiety was among the most common symptoms among these survivors of the disease, with a rate of 17% among them.

She pointed out that the diagnosis with respect to neurological diseases such as stroke and mental disorder was more rare, but it was common among those who suffered severe injuries while suffering from infection, explaining that 7% had a stroke and 2% were diagnosed with a mental disorder among those who received treatment inside Intensive care units.

Professor Paul Harrison, the lead author of the study from the University of Oxford, said that the data were obtained from the real world based on a large number of patients, pointing out that it confirms the high rates of psychological symptoms following infection with Covid-19.

In a context related to Corona, the newspaper’s editorial today confirmed that this epidemic has changed the lives of billions of people in the world, as it is a global crisis that did not unite peoples and countries as much as it separated them and deepened divisions between them. The editorial said that the virus showed how affected our lives are the decisions made by other countries as well as our governments. She added that although world leaders are talking about their plans to confront the coming pandemics, they have failed to work together to confront this epidemic.

She emphasized that the global crisis highlighted these divisions, pointing to the International Monetary Fund’s warning of inequality, whether within countries themselves or between them, as it is likely that this situation will continue and increase this year.

The Fund also expected that rich western countries recover from the Corona crisis faster due to successful vaccination programs and the ability to increase public spending and borrowing, while developing countries will struggle in light of this crisis, because the number of people who have suffered since last year from extreme poverty is higher than expectations. Preceding the epidemic by about 95 million people.

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