Costume designers for “Parade of Mummies” stars reveal elegance


In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, fashion designer and stylist, Nour Azazi revealed secrets of looks Celebrities and Celebrities, During the historical and global event.

She designed the dress of the artist Nelly Karim And informational Jasmine Taha ZakiWhile the fashion designer Mai Jalal participated in the rest of the designs, with stylist Khaled Azzam.

Spirit of the ancients

Concerning the scenes of these designs, Azazi explained that the beginning was last August, when she was chosen from among the designers nominated by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, to be commissioned to choose a design for the artist Nelly Karim and the journalist Jasmine Taha Zaki, then she began preparing and implementing.

And she continued, “For Nelly, I chose velvet chiffon material for Nelly, which was characterized by a” pleated “design with delicate folds, and relied on handwork in the upper part, and was encrusted with stones made of Gold paper.

And she continued: “As for the medias dress, it took a month to design it, and was distinguished by embroideries, and by designing long, loose-fitting sleeves,” stressing that the two dresses are inspired by the spirit of the ancients.

The fashion designer Mai Jalal, who participated in the rest of the designs, confirmed in television statements that she designed about 1600 looks for the participants of the celebration, with the male stars, with the participation of stylists Khaled Azzam, including Ahmed Helmy, Karim Abdel Aziz, Asir Yassin and Ahmed Ezz, in addition to the designs Mona Zaki Yousra, and other co-stars, confirming that they all worked under the supervision of the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani.

All the costume designers of the ceremony for the transfer of royal mummies in Egypt were keen to choose designs that are close to nature, without exaggeration, and completely far from the costumes, as they relied only on simple pharaonic touches.

The looks of the male stars with pharaonic touches

The fashion designer, Nour Azazi, added, in the context of her interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The looks of the male stars are also very elegant and sophisticated, and in a contemporary way that beats with masculinity and elegance.

And she confirmed that the looks of the star suits are one of the latest fashion trends for this year, especially the suit of the artist Ahmed Ezz.

Azazi indicated that their elegance was complemented by Pharaonic touches, by placing brooches consisting of Pharaonic symbols such as the Eye of Horus, the Key of Life and the lotus flower.

In the same context; The artist adopted Karim Abdulaziz On a classic 6-button suit with one end closed at the other end.

As for the artist Ahmed Ezz He chose the design of the one-button suit, but the artist Ahmed Helmy relied on the two-button suit, which is one of the classic models that has come back strongly this season.

At the conclusion of her statements, fashion designer Nour Azazi expressed her happiness and pride in her participation in this event, “I am very proud that I was part of a great, historical and cultural event that may not be repeated. For me, a huge work and an honor for me, my participation in this event will remain firmly in my memory, I did not expect.” The reactions of followers on social media platforms, especially the extent of their admiration for the dress of Nelly Karim and the journalist Jasmeen, and these reactions made me the happiest person in the world.


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