Cristiano Ronaldos children destroy Georginas “make-up” tools, and the latter documents the moment … a photo


In a funny shot from the children of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the player of the Italian club Juventus, often carried out by many children, which is the destruction of the make-up tools of their Argentine mother, Georgina Rodriguez.

Don’s friend documented the incident whose hero was her children after they destroyed her makeup tools and put them on their face sarcastically, and Rodriguez posted a picture of her children through her personal Instagram account, and wrote sarcastically, “They destroyed a lot of my makeup, I can’t tell you more, because I was like them.”

The Argentine model was keen to flirt with her friend, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the player of the Italian club Juventus, and published a picture of him through her personal account on the Instagram site a few days ago, and he is in full elegance, as he wore a black T-shirt in addition to his black sunglasses.

Soon, the photo, which Rodriguez published through her personal account, received a lot of likes and comments, on which she wrote, “There is always an attraction to your soul before your features, I love you.”

Children of Cristiano Ronaldo
Children of Cristiano Ronaldo


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