Critic Magda Khairallah: Mona Zaki closed the door to the stars of her generation news


Film critic Magda Khairallah praised Mona Zaki’s performance in the birth scene in the tenth episode of the series “Newton’s Game” on her official page on the social networking site Facebook.

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Khairallah expressed her admiration for Mona Zaki’s performance and said, “Mona Zaki closed the door to any colleague from her generation or the next generation, or the one after him. It is possible to exceed this level of proficiency and accuracy in using all the tools that the actor can use in expression, even locks of hair. Before you hide under a medical head covering. ”

The critic Magda Khairallah also praised the performance of the actress Nourhan in the tenth episode of the series “Between Al-Sama and Al-Ard”, which revolved around the scene of a birth inside the broken elevator.

The audience interacted with the publication of the critic Magda Khairallah, and in turn praised the performance of Mona Zaki, the series “Newton’s Game” and the series “Between the Sky and the Earth.”

It is worth noting that the Newton game series, starring Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed Farraj, Sayed Ragab, and other elite stars of art. Written and directed by Tamer Mohsen, the series revolves around “Hana” who travels to the United States of America to have her child there so that he obtains American citizenship, but their lives are turned upside down.

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