Day Seven: Presidential directives to provide health care to citizens


The seventh day of the print edition issued tomorrow, Monday, follows up on many issues and reports, most notably Presidential directives to provide health care to citizens, As well as various political, economic, sports and technical reports

Also, read on the seventh day ..

Presidential directives to provide health care to citizens

The Prime Minister receives a report on the performance of the Supreme Medical Committee and “medical distress” .. Dr. Hussam El-Masry, head of the medical committee: responding to 1607 distress during the first quarter of 2021 and we are working to develop monitoring sources and develop an integrated vision to reach those who need support

Immediate government moves to follow up on the Cairo Mansoura train accident

The Prime Minister directs “Health” to provide the necessary medical services to the injured … Pay for 58 ambulances … A team from the Public Prosecution office moves to the scene of the accident … and the “Railways”: 4 cars of the tourist train that fell at the entrance to the Sandanho station

574 thousand high school students entered the tablet updates system

Tariq Shawky: 2,200 schools worked with their servers efficiently on the first day of the pilot exam

“Supply” denies canceling subsidies for the beneficiaries of the initiative to convert vehicles to natural gas

Choice 2 .. Documenting the Brotherhood’s crimes .. Egyptians recollect memories of the worst historical periods that Egypt has passed … and the heroics of the army and police men in the face of the terrorist group

The restoration of the El-Oyoun Stream and the creation of an entertainment hub .. The development of Al-Fustat Park complements the cultural image of historic Cairo

President El-Sisi congratulates Denmark on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day

Local development: implementing 30,000 micro-projects over 5 years, with loans of 200 million pounds

Sharawi: Provides job opportunities for youthLmR.AHALmEila … and we are considering reducing the interest rate on loans for women in “a decent life” to only 4% instead of 6%

Intense activity of border guards in all strategic directions.

125 thousand rounds were seized .. and 5 tunnel holes were destroyed and 2750 people were thwarted by attempts to infiltrate and illegally migrate across borders.

Coronavirus: Egypt is at the beginning of the wave

The third, and we provide all support at the level

Chairman of the Committee: We are ready to increase the injuries

LmﻃﻨاﻃﻨYen Continue to apply precautionary measures



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