Delaying ablution from impurity and sprays … the top 10 questions asked by Egypt


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Wednesday 14 April 2021

Books – Ali Shibl:

With the start of the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan yesterday, questions are repeated by many Egyptians about what is permissible and forbidden for a fasting person to do during the day in Ramadan.

1- Will God accept my fasting this year and I have days from the previous Ramadan?

In its response, the Fatwa Committee of the Dar Al Iftaa confirmed that the one who has to make up for the days and did not perform them and that Ramadan entered does not affect the validity of his fast, God Almighty willing, and in this case he must make up after his fasting what he missed from the last Ramadan days while feeding a poor person for all On the day he delayed it if the delay was without an excuse, and it is sufficient to make it up alone if the delay is for an excuse.

2- Delaying ghusl from impurity until after dawn breaks .. Does fasting invalidate?

Dar Al Iftaa said that the majority of jurists are of the view that delaying washing from impurity or menstruation until after the break of dawn does not invalidate the fast.

The fatwa cited what was narrated on the authority of Aisha and Umm Salamah.

3- Using the inhaler for patients with asthma and chest allergy .. Does it invalidate the fast?

The Fatwa Committee of the Dar Al Iftaa clarified that the sprays used in such cases break the fast for the fasting person. Because it contains a spray that enters the cavity from the mouth or the nose, and the patient has the right to break the fast, then make up the fast after he recovers, and if the disease is chronic, then he has to pay the ransom for feeding a poor person for each day.

4- Ear drops and nasal sprays .. Do they break the fast?

In its response, the Fatwa Committee of the Fatwa House confirmed that placing drops in the nose or ear or using a nasal spray invalidates the fast if something of that reaches the brain or throat, and if something of that nostril does not pass into the throat, it does not invalidate the fast.

5- Insulin injection under the skin .. Does it affect fasting health?

In its response, the Fatwa Committee of Dar Al Iftaa affirmed that there is no legal objection to taking insulin injections under the skin while fasting, and that fasting with it is valid. Because if it reached the stomach, it would reach it from outside the usual passage, and then fasting with it would be valid.

6- Using toothpaste .. Does it invalidate the fast?

The Fatwa Committee at the Fatwa House clarified that it is permissible to use water and toothpaste to clean the teeth during the day of fasting, as long as nothing of that enters the stomach.

7- Delaying ablution for a menstruating woman until after dawn in Ramadan .. Is fasting invalidated?

In its response, the Electronic Fatwa Committee at the Al-Azhar International Fatwa Center explained that if a menstruating woman becomes pure before dawn breaks and is certain that she is pure, then she must intend to fast and fast, and her fast is valid even if she does not do ghusl until after dawn breaks, and she does not have to make up for it. Because delaying her washing does not invalidate her fast, and because she is silent while she is pure.

She added: But if menstruation was present and then stopped after dawn, then she does not have to fast on this day, and she must make up for it.

8- He fasts and does not pray .. and others who do not wear the hijab .. Will their fasting be accepted?

The Fatwa Committee at Dar Al Iftaa said that whoever fasts while he does not pray his fast is valid, he is waived.

She indicated that it is not a condition for the validity of the fast to perform the prayer, but the one who neglects it is a legitimate sin on the one hand he neglects prayer and commits major sins, and he must hasten to repent to God Almighty.

The Fatwa Committee affirmed that the different legal duties do not represent each other in performance. For example, whoever prays, this is not justified for him to leave the fast, and whoever prays and fasts, this does not justify her for leaving the Islamic dress. A Muslim woman who prays and fasts and does not adhere to the garment that God Almighty has ordered her legally, is well done by her prayers and fasting, but she is offended by leaving the veil that is obligatory upon her, and this issue of her acceptance is up to God Almighty.

As for the issue of whether or not fasting is accepted, it is entrusted to God Almighty, but the praying fasting person hopes for reward, reward and acceptance from those who do not pray.

9- Does a man’s kissing his wife during the day in Ramadan invalidate their fast?

In its response, the Fatwa Committee of the Dar Al Iftaa explained that kissing a wife for the purpose of pleasure is disliked for the fasting person according to the majority of jurists. Because of the corruption of the fast that may lead to him, and the kiss is forbidden if he thinks it most likely that it is revealed with it.

She indicated that kissing is not avowed if it is not without the intention of pleasure. Such as intending mercy or farewell, unless the fasting person does not possess himself, and if he owns himself, there is no blame on him.

10- Intercourse between spouses during fasting … Compulsion or expiation?

The fatwa secretariat of the Fatwa House confirmed that intercourse during the day in Ramadan is a major sin, and one must repent from it by giving up, remorse and resolving not to return to it.

And the ruling indicated that the fasting person had intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadan deliberately and deliberately so that the circumcision met and the tip of the penis was absent in one of the two paths that breaks the fast and necessitates judgment and expiation. Either ejaculated or not, and each of the spouses must make up fasts on the day in which intercourse took place, and in addition to that, the husband must fast for two consecutive months as an expiation for what occurred. If he is unable – if he is sick and the doctors decide that he is not able to fast – feed sixty poor persons.

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