Demands to exclude Real Madrid and Juventus from the Champions League


Press reports revealed that there are voices from within some clubs calling for the need to punish Real Madrid and Juventus, the leaders of the rebellion, due to a crisis. European Super League.

Newspaper said ” Journal “Some Italian clubs are from the European Football Association Demands to punish Real and Juventus, the leaders of the rebellion, adding that a general proposal has been made of exclusion from the Champions League.

A court in Madrid had issued a decision preventing FIFA, UEFA, La Liga and the Football Association in Spain from taking any action against the teams participating in the European Super League, and also preventing all these systems from taking any action regarding punishing players who participate in this tournament.

While the President of the Italian Football Association, Gabriele Gravina, confirmed that Milan, Juventus and Inter will be punished, that there is no trial and no punishment for an idea that has not been approved, but we will do so through sports justice in the event of embodying initiatives that violate the rules.

Attacked Florentino PerezThe president of Real Madrid, the presidents of the European Football Association and the President of the Spanish League, described them as aggressive after the attack on the European Super League project, to be held next August.

Florentino Perez said during an interview with the Spanish radio, “Cadena Ser”: “I have not witnessed the president of UEFA and the president of the League of League of aggression in this way before, it seems that it was something agreed upon.”

Perez added: “It is a periodic system European super It is for the tournament to start from August until the end of the season. The big and small clubs would have earned money from the tournament. One of the six English clubs was not really convinced of the project, which caused this to be transferred to the rest of the clubs.

Perez continued: Threats and insults, it looks like we killed football! Football must be saved. Florentino Perez stressed: “The matter is very easy, the Super League does not affect the leagues. There are people who have privileges and do not want to lose them, even if it is at the expense of sabotaging the clubs.”

The Chief Real Madrid: “The Manchester owners have started a campaign of manipulation, that we will end the leagues, I will not say who is between them.” And Perez added: “The 12 clubs signed a binding contract. If this project does not succeed, another project will succeed.” The Real Madrid president said: “The European Super League project is applicable without the German and French clubs, of course.”

And Peres stressed: “The European Union made an offer that surprised me, the president of the Union must be the right person to talk about, it seems that we dropped an atomic bomb.”


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