Despite FIFA’s opposition … the official announcement of the new Super League and the participating clubs


Italian club Juventus and Manchester United announced, on Sunday, that 12 teams from the best European football clubs have agreed to hold a new competition, under the name “Super League”.

A statement by the founding clubs of the “Super League” stated that the “founding” organizing clubs are: Milan (Italy), Arsenal (England), Atletico Madrid (Spain), Chelsea (England), Barcelona (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy) , Juventus (Italy), Liverpool (England), Manchester City (England), Manchester United (England), Real Madrid (Spain), Tottenham Hotspur (England).

The statement revealed that the founding clubs will receive 3.5 billion euros (4.19 billion dollars) for “infrastructure plans” and “offsetting the impact of the Corona virus.”

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FIFA refuses to set up

He also revealed that the new competition includes 20 teams with 15 “founding members” and five clubs qualifying for the tournament, and a women’s league will also be launched.

The statement indicated that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez will be the first president of the Super League, and Joel Glazer from Manchester United and Andrea Agnelli from Juventus will be vice presidents of the Super League.

He stated that the founding clubs of the “Super League” are looking forward to holding talks with the European Football Association (UEFA) and the International Football Association (FIFA).

Senior officials in the European Football Association (UEFA), “UEFA”, expressed their complaints about the clubs’ agreement to establish a special tournament under the name of the “European Super League”.

The European Union had hoped to anticipate this project by launching a new edition of the Champions League with 36 teams on Monday.

UEFA issued a joint statement with the federations of England, Italy and Spain in which the football organizations express their “union” in order to prevent this “split” by using legal and sporting means if necessary.

The statement also confirmed FIFA’s position that players who participate in the European Premier League will be prevented from participating in other local and international competitions, and prevented from representing their countries’ national teams.

In a separate statement, the Football Association condemned the bill, describing it as “violating the principles of open competition and sporting merit, which are the essence of football locally and internationally.”

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