Details of MPs’ objections to new building requirements: a suggestive activity


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Monday 05 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Frequent sessions held by the government with members of Parliament from the Housing and Local Development Committee to discuss building requirements and new licenses, the initial draft of which has been completed.

The goal of the government dialogue sessions with members of Parliament is to agree on the provisions of these requirements in the context of ensuring community dialogue.

A number of members of the House of Representatives believed that these conditions contained many observations, which they demanded to amend in order for the conditions to be applicable.

Representative Ihab Mansour, the undersecretary of the Housing Committee and the Syndicate of Giza Engineers, said that during the previous meetings, discussions had been held about real estate heights, street width and building area out of the total area of ​​the building.

Mansour added, to Masrawy, that the deputies objected to building on only 70% of the total area of ​​the residential plot, as this cannot be applied to various lands, especially those with a small area, which if this condition is applied to them, the remaining space will not be valid for building a property.

He explained that some MPs called on the government to increase building heights, which ranged from 3 floors up to 5 on average.

Engineer Tariq Shukry, Undersecretary of the Housing Committee and Head of the Real Estate Development Chamber, said that until now, no agreement has been reached regarding the new building requirements with the government, pointing out that a group of meetings were held under the chairmanship of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly to discuss the requirements during the last period.

Shukry added to Masrawy: We are still studying the conditions within the House of Representatives, in the context of ensuring that disciplined requirements are set so that crises do not occur upon implementation.

He continued: The problem of building on small spaces, we made our observations on it. A building below 150 meters is not available, and Seib says it is right and left responses. That is why I will not find a place to build it, when he spoke to me in a land area of ​​120 meters and asks me to study and background and front responses.

Engineer Tarek Shoukry continued: Each region has a different nature from the other, and cities across the republic, unlike Cairo, Alexandria and Giza, have different conditions, and therefore one formula cannot be applied to areas of different nature.

He pointed out that there is a problem in the requirements provided by the government. According to those conditions, the maximum heights are 16 meters, pointing out that this condition wastes the value of lands and projects.

The agent of the Housing Committee pointed out that the deputies also objected to the idea of ​​a single activity for the building, meaning that the entire residential building should be for housing only and not have any shops.

Shukry said, that the deputies also objected to the establishment of garages in real estate with small areas, as this matter is not applicable on the ground and will face many problems.

A member of the House of Representatives expected that the new requirements would be approved in less than a month, pointing to the recommendations of the deputies being submitted to the government to take them so that these conditions would be applicable on the ground.

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