Details of the confessions of the announcer accused of killing her sister’s husband (interrogation transcript)


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The Public Prosecution investigation revealed the details of the murder of Rania Safwat, the presenter of the “Radio Fi Saka” program, of her sister’s husband, that she had paid 4 stab wounds in the chest that resulted in his death immediately before he was taken to hospital.

The Public Prosecution office moved to the scene and inspected the crime scene, and an examination revealed that the accused killed the victim after she pulled a knife from the kitchen due to disagreements that arose between them that developed into holding hands.

The investigations and investigations added that the accused confessed to having committed the incident under the pretext that the victim had reported to the police about her husband that he had evaded court rulings from paying taxes.

Investigations revealed that the victim died as a result of being stabbed in the Al-Qalb area, and that the accused did not attempt to escape and sat next to the victim’s body until officers of the Sayyida Zainab Police Department attended and was arrested.

The investigation added that the incident began with a discussion and an exchange of insults between the victim and the accused, so she rushed to bring the kitchen knife and made several stabs with it to the chest of her sister’s husband, so a lifeless body drenched in his blood fell to the ground in the presence of her sister, who tried to help her husband after he fell on the ground.

The security services had received a notification that the husband of the sister of a well-known broadcaster had been killed, and the security services had moved to the place of the report. The accused was arrested and the crime tool “knife” was seized. In confronting her, she confessed to committing the incident under the pretext of having disputes with her husband after the security services reported him.

A report on the incident was edited and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation and ordered her imprisonment for 4 days pending investigations.

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