Difficulty in procedures .. An urgent statement regarding the suffering of Egyptians abroad


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Sunday, April 11, 2021

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Deputy Muhammad Abdullah Zain al-Din, a member of Parliament, sent an urgent statement, today, Saturday, to the government represented by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and the Affairs of Egyptians Abroad, regarding the suffering of some people of the homeland abroad during the renewal of passports due to the Corona virus pandemic.

In his urgent statement, Zinedine indicated that the Corona pandemic that struck the whole world has prevented a large number of Egyptians, specifically workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from returning to the homeland and renewing the passports of some of them. Because of some decisions to shut down and stop flying.

The parliamentarian explained that the Egyptian embassies abroad allowed the renewal of passports through them, but that it takes a long period of up to 3
Months and may increase; This caused problems for the workers there, as well as depriving them of the ability to return to spend their vacation in Egypt.

Zain El-Din confirmed that a large number of the Egyptian community abroad are; Specifically in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they complained of not being treated appropriately in facilitating procedures and speeding up decisions on requests for passports, indicating that this disrupts their interests in their business on the one hand, and the consequence of their inability to obtain a permit to return to Egypt on the one hand Other.

A member of the House of Representatives called on all the competent authorities to put an end to this problem and to reduce the time for ending the procedures. Out of concern for the interests of the people of Egypt abroad, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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