Dina El-Sherbiny leads the defense campaign for Amr Youssef: We watch after we judge my lady


A large number of art stars launched a hashtag entitled “We Watch After We Judge” to demand the show of the series “King Ahmose” by Amr Youssef, and the campaign started from the official account of the artist Dina El Sherbiny, where a short unified statement was published, demanding that the series not be sentenced to death before watching it in full And the need to excuse work makers for any mistakes, with an appeal to adhere to the “honest competition” among the stars of art, a clear reference to Muhammad Ramadan’s announcement of his intention to present a film about the character of Ahmose in 2023.

Dina El-Sherbiny
Dina El-Sherbiny is the first artist to publish the unified statement in support of Amr Youssef

The unified statement read: We are doing art so that we can tell tales so that we can make people happy, entertain them, and let them think .. You do not judge the answer from its title, you have the right to read the entire answer, and the time to judge.

We do art in order to tell stories so that we can make people happy, entertain them, and let them think … Do not judge the answer from its title, you have the right to read the answer …
Published byDina ElsherbinyIn Tuesday, April 6, 2021

He continued: If social media has turned to a technical court, it has the right to prohibit the display or stopping of a work that we do not know with a ball, which you will control, and who can grievance?

He continued: From our right, we dream of ours. We imagine that we have a right to wrong. You see us even if you criticize us, and from your right to him, you don’t look forward, but the demand for prevention is a loss, cutting off life, and injustice.

He concluded: Any artist who competes with honor and morals will support his colleague, and we support our honorable colleagues.

The statement has been published until the moment by comedian Ahmed Fahmy and director Amr Salama, Yassin Ahmed Al-Sakka, one of the heroes of the King Ahmose series, Ayten Amer, and Kinda Alloush in the first reaction to support her husband since the decision was made to undergo a comprehensive review of the series before declaring it to be shown in the Ramadan 2021 season.

It is noteworthy that the United Group issued a statement last Sunday evening, during which it announced that the series will be subject to review by a number of antiquities news, and a decision to display or postpone it will be made according to the final statement of the committee.

The statement emphasized that the United Company for Media Services decided to form an urgent committee consisting of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology to watch the King’s series, review the entire scenario and express an objective and professional opinion even if this results in not showing it next Ramadan.

Hossam Saleh, CEO of the United Group for Media Services, said that the series “The King” is currently under study.

He continued, saying: Some confusion appeared, and of course the producing company has an opinion that the drama does not embody history, nor does it date, but rather expresses the feelings present in this period .. And this work in particular is being reviewed at the present time.

It is noteworthy that, upon the end of the ceremony of transferring 22 Egyptian monarchs from the Tahrir Museum to the Museum of Civilization, a campaign was launched to stop the showing of the series “The King” due to the presence of serious errors in the costumes and decoration, and the appearance of Amr Youssef with a beard, contrary to the ancient Egyptian royal beliefs.

The series “The King”, the story of Naguib Mahfouz, script and dialogue by Khaled Diab and Sherine Diab, directed by Hussein El-Manbawy, and music by Khaled Hammad, starring Amr Youssef, Saba Mubarak, Reem Mostafa and Majed El-Masry.

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