Director of the Museum of Antiquities of the Library of Alexandria: reveals why Queen T.


09:45 AM

Monday 05 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Basir, Director of the Museum of Antiquities of the Library of Alexandria, emphasized that the Egyptian civilization was based on a basic principle, which is resurrection and eternity, as all their tombs or temples aim to preserve the body in a sound and coherent manner in order to identify the soul with the body in the other world.

Abdel-Basir added in a phone call to the “This Morning” program on the “Extra News” satellite channel, that it was a great achievement to know many information about the Queen Tiye and to determine her personality, as she was one of the most beautiful and greatest figures who lived during the reign of King Amenhotep III and was the main wife in his life. Besides, she gave birth to Crown Prince Amenhotep IV, which is what Akhenaten called himself the united king.

He continued, that Queen T was using a mixture of several herbs and materials, so she was able to preserve the beauty of her hair, explaining that Queen Hatshepsut was the aunt and stepmother of Thutmose III, who was the guardian of him, then influenced her power and took the lead in the political scene during a long period of time, after which King Thutmose took over The third, but at the end of his reign, he destroyed the monuments of that queen due to the presence of hostility between them.

And the director of the Museum of Antiquities of the Library of Alexandria added that Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III have now gathered in one place, which is the Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, as it is a great cultural monument.

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