Dirndaly: We are worried about a big loss against Mars


Khaled Al-Darandali, treasurer of Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he was not satisfied with the performance presented by the team against Al-Merrikh of Sudan, despite the kidnapping of the qualifying card for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly tied outside the ground against its Sudanese host, Al-Merrikh, on Saturday evening, as part of the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage matches.

“He is not satisfied with the performance despite qualifying, and the only gain from the match was we went out with a draw, and it was possible to lose by more than two goals,” Derendali said in statements to Ontime Sports.

And he continued, “We had some concern that the result would be more than two goals, but the spirit had a role in the match being held in a draw.”

He continued: “We all do not know what happened, and we had great confidence to watch a good match, not the Al-Ahly players that are so arrogant.”

And he continued: “Between the two halves, the crisis between Muhammad Hani and Al-Shennawi was contained, and matters became calm, and what happened between them was due to enthusiasm and nervousness.”

He concluded: “We play the championship and do not see who will play and our goal is the tenth tournament. We must arrange the cards and deal with mistakes, and the Simba match is not a” picnic. ”


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