Divorce on the air .. Learn about the reasons for the separation of Hala Sidqi from her husband


The artist’s husband, Hala Sidqi, “Sameh Sami,” explained that he decided to announce his divorce to his wife, after the long disputes between them, which reached the stage of the courts.

And through press statements, he expressed his deep dissatisfaction with his wife’s accusations against him through satellite channels, by referring to her episode of the “Sheikh Al Hara and Daring” program.

Causes of divorce:

For his part, he attributed the reasons for the divorce, to the accusations that were leveled against him while he was in the United States of America.

Hala Sidqi’s husband, Sameh Sami, responded over the past few hours to showing his pictures with women through her presence in the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program presented by the media, Inas Al-Deghidi.

“Sheikh Al-Hara” explained that the artist’s husband was betraying her with the girls who were shown pictures of them, but soon Hala Sidky’s husband came out on “Facebook” in order to clarify the truth of the pictures,

Hala Sidqi’s husband commented on the photos:

And after: “These are the pictures of the failed program today, which were shown on the basis that they are a very serious thing, and I would like to explain to you, his failure, that this is my dear friend, Pamela Hasselhoff, who is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood who neither you nor she can even imagine with her. Oh his failure, it is some of my colleagues at work, and if you carefully consider that he is wearing a uniform and wait for surprises! ”


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