Doctor Reveals “Beneficial Summary for Iron Heart”


Many unhealthy habits that we used to do almost daily, but we do not know how dangerous they are for the health of the body and heart.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Hamed, a specialist in cardiac diseases and cardiac catheterization, revealed, in exclusive statements to the “Future” website, the most prominent false medical “myths” that some do and think are beneficial to heart health, namely:

– That hibiscus treats pressure .. it is a deceptive drink that deludes you that it treats pressure, and many drink it thinking that it raises pressure despite their high blood pressure after eating it.

Taking aspocide unnecessarily under the pretext of protecting the heart, but in fact it protects the heart only for heart patients.

Eating industrial obesity and frying oils, which are one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Khaled Hamed also gave a set of tips to maintain a healthy heart, which we present to you as follows:

– Maintaining a little exercise daily (a little walking or running every day guarantees that you will not only stay physically and not sexually well for the last time).
Keep the pressure below 140/90.

Maintain your cumulative sugar to be less than 7.

Maintaining eating fat-free foods.

Not to smoke or be exposed to it in any way.

Get enough rest and sleep 6 to 8 hours per day.

Do not hang around with women or watch porn.

Not to take drugs.

Maintain an ideal weight.

Eat healthy food.

Drink plenty of water.


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