Does Ahmed Koshary continue to give gifts to Al Ahly in the face of Zamalek and production tonight?


At exactly nine thirty in the evening, Thursday, the attention of the fans of the round witch is directed towards Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium to follow the match of the Zamalek team with its counterpart El-Entag El Harby in the postponed meeting of the 16th round of the Premier League competition, in a match that will not be followed by the fans of the White Castle and the Military Production Brigade alone, but will attract The attention of Al-Ahly club supporters as well, especially after the Red Genie lost yesterday from Smouha with two goals to one.

Al-Ahly fans hope for the soul that Ahmed Koshary, Technical Director of Military Production, will succeed in disrupting the Zamalek train again by coming out with a positive result in front of him in the game tonight, in the same way he did last season in his first technical game against Zamalek when he led Aswan to victory over the White Knight with a goal without He responded to officially announce the coronation of the Red Genie, his former club champion of the Premier League.

On September 18, 2020, Aswan Club succeeded in defeating Zamalek Club (for the first time in its history) with a clean goal scored by Ibrahim Jalal with a wonderful header, in the 46th minute, in the twenty-eighth round of the Premier League competition, which was held at Cairo Stadium, and with this result Al-Ahly club was crowned the 42nd league championship in its history.

Zamalek’s balance stopped at 52 points (at a discount of 3 points) to move away from the top of Al-Ahly by 20 points, with only 18 points remaining available to Zamalek in the last six rounds.

This match was the first breakthrough for the Zamalek team under the leadership of Tariq Yahya, the interim coach, after the departure of French Patrice Carteron and his contract with the Saudi club Al-Ettifaq at the time.

After his success in saving Aswan from the decline and remaining among the elders in the excellent, Ahmed Koshary returns to repeat the same task, but with Military production Who is in last place in the league table with 12 points after playing 17 games, winning two games, drawing 6 meetings, losing 9 matches, scoring 13 goals and receiving 30 goals and still has two games postponed.

While Zamalek tops the league table with 33 points, after playing 15 games, winning 10 meetings, drawing 3, losing two, and scoring 24 goals, its players scored 8 goals and still has three postponed matches.

Zamalek lost from Al-Ahly with two goals to one in the postponed match of the fourth week of the Premier League competition in his last appearance in the competition, while El Entag El Harby tied with Ceramica with one goal for each team in its last appearance.

Al-Ahly’s loss from Smouha by two goals against a goal that froze the balance of the red genie at 30 points in the league title, behind Zamalek, the leaders by 3 points, and the red giant left 5 games postponed, while the White Knight has 3 games remaining, and in the event that Al-Ahly wins its deferrals, its balance will be raised to 45 points. With his postponements, he will raise his score to point 42, and the Red Genie will be in the lead, only three points ahead of the White Knight, and there is still the second round of the two teams’ match scheduled for May 10, so Al-Ahly fans wished for a new stumble tonight for Zamalek to restore the situation as it was before the loss of Smouha.


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