Dortmund president hopes Haaland will stay


Hans-Joachim Fatske, president of Borussia Dortmund, expressed his hope that the star of the team, Erling Haaland, will remain in Dortmund this summer.

In statements to the Live Broadcasting Service (DAZN) and the (Shabucks) portal, Fatske said: “There is no alternative plan.”

Fatske gave a calm reaction to recent media reports from Spain that spoke of a meeting between Haaland’s father, Alf-Inge and his agent, Mino Raiolo, with Barcelona club president Juan Laporta, and said: “We will discuss this calmly with Erling, his father and his agent. We seek to keep him there with his desire and to play for Dortmund next season, and he is convinced. ”

However, Dortmund’s negotiating position worsened after the defeat against Eintracht-Frankfurt the first day, Saturday, with two goals to a goal, and this defeat was a big blow to Dortmund’s hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season, as it is now seven points behind Frankfurt, fourth-placed in Bundesliga qualification ranking for the continental competition.

Fatske played down the possibility of Haaland’s colleague Jadon Sancho leaving the club, saying: “Jadon plays for us longer than Arling, and if an exceptional offer is available, we will discuss it with the player and his agent, as is always the case.”

At the same time, Vatske said that he does not expect a hot summer of transfers: “We see in particular in the very big clubs the extent of the wounds left by the Corona crisis, and they are not small surgeries that heal within two weeks.”


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