Egypt begins the first steps in producing the “Sputnik V” vaccine


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Egypt has started the first steps to produce the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine against the Coronavirus locally, to ensure that the needs of the Egyptian market for vaccines are met and to increase investment opportunities, in preparation for export to African countries, as MENA Pharm Company for the pharmaceutical industry agreed to produce more than 40 million doses annually .

The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which markets anti-virus vaccines abroad, said yesterday, in a joint statement with the Egyptian “Mina Farm”, that the two parties agreed to start immediately to transfer technology, and production is expected to start in the third quarter of this year at the Mina Farm biotechnology plant. In Cairo for worldwide distribution.

The Egyptian Drug Authority announced that the “Sputnik V” vaccine obtained a license for the emergency use of Corona vaccines, along with 3 vaccines, namely, “Chinese Sinopharm, AZD, and AstraZeneca Coffishield”, after going through the necessary evaluation processes in the authority’s departments and laboratories, in accordance with the global and local rules in place to ensure the safety of The quality and effectiveness of the vaccine.

In addition, the company “Pfizer” is conducting a study on the effects of the third dose of its vaccine in the US state of Hawaii, and one of the volunteers in the study said that he received a booster dose for the safety of his family after participating in the study of the booster dose for the company, confirming that he always had a desire to help His community.

“Pfizer” says that the study will assess the safety and impact of immunity with the third dose, which may have a significant effect against the emerging variants. The volunteer will be followed up for side effects for a few months, and the volunteer only developed a mild fever when he received his second dose of the vaccine.

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed not knowing all the symptoms and long-term signs of infection with the virus, noting that part of the French citizens lives with these symptoms, while research is being conducted for the health system to find out the symptoms of this long epidemic, while the French Minister for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, announced, The quarantine imposed on travelers coming to France from (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and also Guyana) will take effect tomorrow.

The German parliament approved the “emergency brakes” mechanism, which includes taking unified measures at the country level, aiming to address the pandemic during the third wave, as restrictions include limiting night-time curfews, as well as suspending the attendance of pupils and students to schools with the imposition of strict instructions on shops.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in Saudi Arabia closed 25 temporary mosques in 8 regions after 25 injuries were proven among worshipers, bringing the total of what was closed within 73 days to 725 mosques.

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