Egypt leads 3 places in the world in the FIFA classification


FIFA has issued its classification for the teams for the month of April, several days after the end of the last international break, which witnessed a number of friendly and official matches.

And according to what FIFA announced on its official website, the Egyptian team has advanced three places in the global rankings to advance to number 46 in the world and sixth in Africa.

Egypt’s progress came after playing two matches in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, where it tied with Kenya in the first, before beating the Comoros in the second match.

The Belgian national team maintained the top of the global teams, surpassing France, Brazil, England and Portugal, respectively, in the places from the second to the fifth.

The ranking of the top 10 best teams in the world is as follows:

1- Belgium.
2- France
3- Brazil.
4- England.
5- Portugal.
6- Spain.
7- Italy.
8- Argentina.
9- Uruguay.
10- Denmark.

As for the ranking of the top 10 African teams, it is as follows.
22nd worldwide – Senegal.
26th worldwide – Tunisia.
Worldwide 32 – Nigeria.
33rd worldwide – Algeria.
34th worldwide – Morocco.
46 worldwide – Egypt.
49th worldwide – Ghana.
55th worldwide – Cameroon.
57th worldwide – Mali.
59th worldwide – Cote d’Ivoire.

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