Egypt .. New developments after Ramez Jalal mocked the artist Arkan Fouad


Egypt .. New developments after Ramez Jalal mocked the artist Arkan Fouad


Arkan Fouad and Nadia Mustafa

The Egyptian actress, Nadia Mostafa, expressed her dissatisfaction with the mockery of the artist, Ramez Jalal, during his program, “Ramez Aqil Flew” from her artist husband, Arkan Fouad.

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A famous Egyptian artist attacks Ramez Jalal because of his mockery of her husband

Nadia Mustafa said: “At a time when the state is fighting the idea of ​​bullying and harassment, a program comes that spends millions to incite bullying and harassment, and that this is a wit of blood, stressing that she has no objection to the Hazar, provided that the two parties are happy with this, and one of the parties is not happy and the other is tormented because of this. The Hazar. ”

Mustafa added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, broadcast on Channel One, that her husband Arkan Fouad is a respected artist, and all people testify to him with respect, and he has not mistakenly committed anyone.

And she continued: “We are like a family in our condition and walk by the side of caution and respect ourselves, so we meet neither Lina nor us in the context of a phrase in which a guest on his stomach and dress is offered, and then he concludes his speech by saying,” You do not have to fall in order to wear Fouad’s pillars. ”

And she continued: “I did not understand, what is the idea, the ivf, and what is laughing? I am frustrated throughout the night and the pillars are upset and upset, and my daughter wrote on Facebook, and Hayat is very demanding of my father to pocket his right. I want anything other than that Ramez knows the value of Arkan and that he is wrong about his right and apologizes to him.

Source: Al Watan


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