Egypt .. The crisis escalated between artist Mostafa Amar and one of the “landfills” programs presented by famous artists



Egypt .. The crisis escalated between the artist Mostafa Amar and one of the programs

The Egyptian artist Mostafa Amar revealed that he had resorted to the law against what happened to him in the “5 Stars” landfill program, which is shown in the month of Ramadan on the “MBC Egypt” channel.

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Great controversy and widespread criticism after the appearance of the singer Myriam Fares in an Egyptian advertisement

And Qamar posted a video of him talking about the problem, through his Instagram account, and commented: “I imagined that I am dealing with an entity that knows the value of people and preserves their status for them, and appreciates their great history in art and success, but I was disappointed, unfortunately, and my feeling of sadness and surprise is what prompted me to comment on the behavior of Irresponsibility is close to the point of farce, which may prompt me to scrutinize my future dealings, and I will not wait long to correct this mistake. ”

“Qamar” said in the video: “First of all, every year, you are good and Ramadan is generous .. Secondly, this is the first video in which I talk about the problem of propaganda that came up with a mistake in the 5-star program that went down in the streets, the trailer and the promo that were uploaded are not correct, everything is not like me .. They let me down. The very productive brothers I thought that they would stick with me in my name and my history. ”

He added, “And for now, I resort to a legal solution through my lawyer, Professor Yasser Kantoush, doing what is necessary, and wait for what will happen.”

His producer, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, announced – on his Facebook page – that Media Life Company for Artistic Production and Distribution, which produces the “5 Stars” program, will take over the office of Counselor Ashraf Abdel Aziz, the lawyer in cassation, all its legal affairs, provided that this crisis is dealt with legally.

The “Five Stars” comedy pranks program brings together, for the first time, Ghada Adel, Nour, Karim Fahmy, Mustafa Qamar, and Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, where they present hidden camera episodes in an unconventional manner in different places, which explodes many funny situations, and the five stars are joined by one of the stars of art. Sports and media in every episode.

Source: Masrawy + In Art


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