Elham Shaheen reveals the secret of the man’s betrayal of his wife .. This is the reason


Actress Elham Shaheen spoke in statements to her about her latest series “Zi Al Qamar” starring Elham Shaheen, Ahmed Wafiq, Nihal Anbar and a number of actors. He betrays only the wife who does not love him, so Elham Shaheen says that the reason for the husband’s betrayal of his wife in general is “boredom.”

The opinion of “Ilham Shaheen” about the cause of marital infidelity … and the solution

Elham Shaheen added: “The story is very frequent in life, meaning after 25 years of marriage, there is a need between the spouses that they discover in each other, the passion, longing, love and other feelings, like what Ahmed said in the series to his daughter, we were at first a great love story and turned into friendship Very great. We stayed, understanding some of me, and after that I turned as if we were like sisters, but she is in my blood.

Regarding solutions, Elham Shaheen revealed that spouses can break boredom, and she cited in that the role she plays in her series, saying: “They break boredom when discovering what life in the series has worked, she was going around in her wheel on the dress she wore when he first said it. He loves her so he can think of this sweet period in their lives. ”

Elham Shaheen also spoke about her late mother, stating that she always needs her mother at every moment, like a baby who is in constant need of his mother.


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