Endowments: Sheikh Abdel Fattah Al-Tarouti was prohibited from any preaching work or an imamate in mosques


The operations room in the general office of the Ministry of Endowments, headed by Sheikh Jaber Taya Youssef, head of the religious sector, decided that Sheikh Sabri Yassin Dewidar, Undersecretary for Supervision and Inspection Affairs, Dr. Noah Abdel Halim Al-Essawi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry for Mosques and Qur’an Affairs, and Ayman Ali Abu Omar, Deputy Minister for Advocacy Affairs today, Monday The mosque of the Al-Tarouti complex was closed in the village of Tarouti in Zagazig, and Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Al-Tarouti was prohibited from any preaching or imamation in the mosques until he appeared before the Ministry’s Values ​​Committee because of the violation that he did not follow the procedures of distancing and not adhering to the precautionary controls in the mosque if he leads the worshipers in Tarawih prayers and not Doing what is necessary to alert them.

This came according to the memorandum of the Eastern Endowments Directorate approved by the Head of the Religious Sector, Head of the Follow-up Chamber for the Commitment to Precautionary Measures Regarding the Violation of Sheikh Abdel Fattah Ali Abdel Fattah Darwish and his fame, Abdel Fattah Al-Tarouti, as he led the worshipers in the (Al-Tarouti Complex) mosque in the village of Tarout in Zagazig in the Eastern Endowments Directorate without commitment With the preventive controls and precautionary measures, in contravention of the Ministry’s instructions in this regard.The Endowments warned the directorates, stressing not to enable Sheikh Al-Tarouti to read or lead the people in their mosques until he appears before the Ministry’s Values ​​Committee, while addressing the National Media Authority about his violations, to take what it deems necessary about the violation, and instructing the Eastern Endowments Directorate to close the mosque with locks from the Directorate and keep the keys of the mosque in the Directorate today is Tuesday.

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