Ethiopian foreign statement a declaration of war


The journalist Ahmed Moussa appealed to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to Ethiopia, stressing that we must not let the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry’s statement go unnoticed without responding to it.

Moussa added, in his program On My Responsibility, broadcast on the Echo of the Country screen, this evening, Monday, that the world must be aware of the threatening language that Ethiopia speaks.

And the presenter of the program continued, on my responsibility, that Ethiopia does not want to solve the Renaissance Dam crisis and does not want to reach an agreement, indicating that Ethiopia wants to fill in and control the fate of Egypt and the Nile Basin countries.
Moussa added that Ethiopia declares war on Egypt by declaring that it puts all options on the table, continuing that it came out with a statement promoting lies, and rejected Egypt’s historical rights in the waters of the Nile River, and revealed that Ethiopias true approach is war.
And the presenter of a program, on my responsibility, continued that Ethiopia is looking for war in the dam crisis, and its statement confirms that it is not looking for a solution through negotiations, but through a military solution.
The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, confirmed that Ethiopia failed the negotiations of the Renaissance Dam, and Ethiopias last language is a language of war and puts everyone on the edge of the abyss.

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