Ever Geffen Operating Company: We are not liable for any compensation whatsoever


8:06 PM

Thursday 01 April 2021


The operator of the vessel “Ever Geffen” announced that it is not responsible for any financial compensation arising from the accident of its delinquency, according to what was reported by the Saudi Al-Sharq TV channel.

The head of the Suez Canal Authority, Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, said today, Thursday, that the total damages resulting from the disruption of navigation in the Suez Canal due to the accident of stranding of the container ship “Ever Geffen” may reach about one billion US dollars.

In response to a question about rough estimates of the damage resulting from the accident, Rabie said, in an interview with the Egyptian channel, “Echo of the Country,” that “the damage amounts to about one billion dollars.”

He pointed out that the channel will receive more than one billion dollars in compensation from the delinquent ship and the company that owns it. Explaining that this is the right of the state.

In a related context, the head of the Suez Canal Authority confirmed that the ship “Evergiven” will not leave the Suez Canal, until the end of the investigations into the accident of delinquency.

He indicated that the channel’s workers worked for 6 days, and that there are ongoing investigations; He revealed that the ship was in the lakes and did not exit until after investigations.

It is reported that navigation traffic in the Suez Canal was disrupted for 6 days, which caused disruption to global supply chains. After the ship, which is 400 meters long, has blocked the southern sector of the canal.

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