Evergreen: is not responsible for any financial damages caused by the delinquent ship


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The Taiwanese operator of the cargo ship “Evergiven”, which stopped navigation in the Suez Canal, for a period of 6 weeks, said last month that it was not responsible for any financial damages caused by the incident.

“Evergreen Marine” has also confirmed that it is not responsible for the delay in transporting any shipment due to the accident.

Its president, Eric Hsieh, said that the agreements signed with customers do not guarantee the time of arrival of the shipments, in the first press statement after the accident, according to “Bloomberg.”

Dozens of ships used by Evergreen, including Evergreen, were affected by the accident, and 3 ships were diverted to orbit around the Cape of Good Hope, according to Hsieh.

“Our exposure to the risk from the Evergiven accident is very low – even if there are damages, it will be covered by insurance,” Hsieh said at a news briefing in Taipei on Thursday. But the company is not responsible for delaying the goods.

The statements come amid expectations of legal claims from all parties, as the owners of the goods on board the “Evergiven” and other ships can claim compensation for the delay from their insurance companies.

Insurance companies on these goods, in turn, can file lawsuits against Evergiven owners, who will then look to their insurers for protection.

For its part, the Japanese newspaper “Nikkei” quoted the company president as saying that “Evergreen” is not responsible for any financial damages resulting from the accident, and blamed the compensation on the Japanese company that owns the ship “Choi Kisen”.

Hsieh said that the accident occurred during transportation and during these circumstances the ship owner is contractually responsible, adding: “Our company is only responsible for the shipment itself, and it is covered by the insurance company.”

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