Evidence of a meteorite has been discovered in Antarctica


The particles of magma, collected by scientists in eastern Antarctica, indicate the fall of a large meteor or asteroid in this region about 430 thousand years ago, and the Science Advance journal indicates that, according to scientists, this object did not leave a hole after its fall, because it turned into A stream of molten material as it approached Earth, yet its collision force was greater than the force of the Tunguska meteorite.

According to the “RT” website, a scientific team headed by Dr. Matthias Van Ginken from the College of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent in Britain, in the Sir Rondan Mountain region, discovered evidence of the fall of a meteor or asteroid 430 thousand years ago, its dimensions are estimated at 100-150 m.

The scientific team collected spherical particles measuring 100-300 micrometers, which were formed before the body fell to the earth, as a result of its explosion near the surface of the Earth, and experts attribute such events to the transitional type, which occupies an intermediate position between the explosions of extraterrestrial bodies in the atmosphere and situations Impact, as a result of which meteorite craters are formed.

And the researchers used to identify and study 17 spherical particles found in Sir Rondan Mountain, using modern microscopy methods, and they discovered that the composition of these particles belongs to chondrites, with a high proportion of nickel in them, and this confirms that they are from a non-Earth source, and that the unique oxygen isotopes, It indicates that upon its fall it interacted with the ice sheet.

Using numerical modeling, the researchers were able to prove that the size of the fallen object was greater than the size of the Tenguska meteorite that fell in 1908 and the Chelyabinsk meteorite that fell in 2013.

“Such events do not threaten human activity when they occur in Antarctica,” says Dr. Van Ginken. “But when they occur in densely populated areas, they can kill millions of lives and cause enormous damage over a large area.”


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