“Except for a lack of literature, and I will raise it.” .. Amr Adeeb files a case against Muhammad Ramadan (video)



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The artist Mohamed Ramadan

The Egyptian journalist Amr Adib, presenter of the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, announced that he had assigned his lawyer to file a case against the artist Mohamed Ramadan for insulting him.

Adeeb confirmed that the compensation that he will receive from Ramadan will be allocated to a hospital.

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Mohamed Ramadan responds to journalist Amr Adib in his own way (video)

He said: “What money he took from Muhammad Ramadan to donate it to the Children’s Hospital in Abu Al-Rish, even if it was 5 million pounds.”

And sending a strong message to Ramadan, Fehl said: “Al-Mutrabi is a blessing … if you are not willing to do so, he can raise you.”

He stated that Muhammad Ramadan used to take life by force, and that no one could stand before him.

He added that “the person who is educated is a blessing, and if you are not educated in the one who raises you, there are people whose fortune is a monster and that they are used to taking life with its blessings, and they feel that they are supported.” Who governs. “

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Egypt .. Muhammad Ramadan raises controversy after announcing the suspension of the series

And he continued: “I asked my lawyer to file a case against the artist, Muhammad Ramadan,” adding: “I am not the type who takes his right to bypass, and oh I, you, and we will go to the judge who is going to say, and the lack of manners is no, even if you do not have you, O Muhammad, oh Ramadan.” I’m the one who escaped you. ”

It is noteworthy that the artist Mohamed Ramadan was subjected to severe attack during the last period through social networking sites and by a number of artists after he decided to present a film for the character of King Ahmose.

Adeeb launched a violent attack on Ramadan during the past few days after his reaction to a ruling against him to pay 6 million pounds in compensation to the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, where he appeared throwing money in the swimming pool, and Adeeb commented: “People do not find money and you throw it even if it is fake .. whoever So Musa thought Pharaoh came out, “referring to the name of Ramadan’s new series” Musa “.

Source: RT + Egyptian media


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