Excluding Ghada Abdel Razek, Zeina and Reham Hajjaj from the best series, My Lady


The first liquidation of the Egyptian series for Ramadan 2021, nominated to compete for the Critics Awards for Arab Drama, witnessed heavy surprises, after excluding the series Ghada Abdel Razek, Zeina and Reham Hajjaj from the competition, and settling on 16 series only to reach the second stage, knowing that the second half of Ramadan will see series show New from the category of 15 episodes.

Yahya Al-Fakharani
Yahya Al-Fakharani series is competing for the best comedy series

The Arab Drama Critics Awards Committee confirmed that its first evaluation was based on the first 10 episodes of the Ramadan 2021 drama series, and indicated that excluding any series from the evaluation does not necessarily mean excluding its members or the series’ team from the competition as long as any of them received the minimum evaluation of the committee Prizes.

The list of works eligible to compete for the awards included series: The Choice 2, The Descent of the Strangers, Counterattack, Moses, the Tiger, Anti-Fracture, Civil War, Who is Big, Newton’s Game, Between Al-Sama and Al-Ard, Peacock, Maddah, Lil Ragel, Qasr El Nil, Kings of Al-Jadana , Cairo, Kabul, children.

Meanwhile, star Yahya Al-Fakharani, with his series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash”, is in a bilateral competition for the best comedy series with the superstar Amina Khalil in the series “Leave your mind from Zizi.”

With this, the series “Lahm Ghazal” by Ghada Abdel Razek are excluded, and all that we separate is for Reham Hajjaj, all with love for the star Zina, the best father to Ali Rabie, and Bint Al Sultan, the first absolute championship for Rogina, and a knight without a passport for Mustafa Qamar, while the Youssef Al Sharif series “Covid 25” has not been subjected. For evaluation because it will be shown on the 16th of Ramadan.

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